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Parent Survey

Parent Survey 2017-18


What parents say about our school?


  • We all love this school and my child has come on so much.

  • My child benefits from going to a Catholic school by learning and practicing his faith.

  • My child learns about faith, values and preparation for First Holy Communion.

  • The staff are always helpful and help me out with lots of things.

  • Going to a Catholic school gives her a good sense of community spirit.

  • I would 100% recommend this school to other parents.

  • There are fantastic school trips.

  • The teachers always make sure the children are well behaved and polite and nice to each other.

  • The teachers always have the children’s best interests at heart.

  • My child feels good when getting golden stamps and prizes. It makes me feel proud seeing her happy with a feeling of self achievement.

  • Keep doing what you are doing and the children will be happy, confident and content.

  • I think the school is a very good school.

  • The new school app is the best thing ever done.

  • Fantastic staff in Nursery – thank you to all teachers for looking after our children.

  • The best school in Birmingham.