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Class Mass led by Class 8 18.1.19

Today we celebrated Saint Prisca of Rome in a Class Mass in front of our friends and family

Prisca was born of a noble family in Rome during the reign of Claudius II. She was arrested during the persecutions when she was a young teenager and brought before the Emperor for questioning. Despite her youth, Prisca courageously proclaimed and upheld her Faith, even though she knew that by doing so it could lead to her being killed. They threw her into a lion’s den and amazingly, rather than devour her, the lions are said to have just licked her feet. Legend tells us that when she was martyred, a great eagle appeared above her and protected her body for several days until the Christians were able to retrieve it. St. Prisca was a fantastic example of faith for young Catholics all around the world and we pray today that she can inspire us with the same courage that she had for God.