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Collective Worship and Prayer

Collective Worship

At Christ the King School, pupils not only experience Collective Worship but they actively, lead, plan and initiate times to encounter God through giving praise, glory, honour and thanks to Him.


In addition to helping children to learn Traditional Prayers of the Church, we strive to educate our children in the many different ways that they can pray in addition to explaining the purpose and power of prayer. Our children are exposed to many of the prayer traditions of the Catholic Church and each month we focus on a different ‘Prayer of The Month’.


More information about the Traditional Prayers that your child should know can be found on their ‘Year Group’ page and each child is also given a copy of these to take home at the beginning of the year.



Whole School Collective Worship

Each week begins with a Gospel Assembly led by our head teacher, Mrs Breslin and this is followed by time to celebrate the children’s achievements.


Each fortnight we have a whole-school Mass in church which is planned and led by the children from a particular class and Fr. Eamonn and Deacon Jack are helped to administer the Blessed Sacrament by one of the six staff members who have been chosen to be Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.


On the Fridays when we do not have a school Mass, Class Masses are celebrated in the hall. Invites to attend masses are always sent out to governors, parents and family members and we actively encourage parents to attend these special times of worship.


From September, children in the Reception Classes are paired up with children in Year 6 as Prayer Buddies. They sit together during Mass in the Autumn term and spend time together praying throughout the year.

Key Stage Collective Worship

Each week EYFS and KS1 come together for a teacher-led assembly on a Tuesday and in KS2 this takes place on a Wednesday. Children form an integral part of this time and often help to plan and lead these assemblies with their teacher. Children bring their prayer book to these assemblies and pray in a variety of ways.


On Friday afternoons, we end our week through giving praise to God in Hymn Practice: as it says in the Catechism of the Catholic Church - “He who sings prays twice”.

Class Collective Worship

In class we pray traditional prayers of the Church every day and during this time we also take a few moments to pray for a different member of the class and their family. We also read out any prayers that children have written in the prayer bag at home during this time. Each class has a prayer bag which is sent home during the week for children to pray at home with their family and resources are changed each time we enter a new liturgical season.


Each week, prayer services take place in classes. In EYFS and KS1 these are usually led by the class teacher with help from some pupils but by key stage two these are usually planned and led by pupils in small groups.  Sometimes the children use the ‘Wednesday Word’ to help them and a copy of this is sent home to each family weekly.


Within each classroom we have a prayer focus which children are encouraged to contribute to. These are monitored regularly by the Faith Ambassadors, who give feedback to classes.

Staff Prayers

Each Friday morning, staff gather together and pray, led by a different staff member each week. Sometimes this is also led by groups of children such as the Faith Ambassadors and Year 6 pupils.


We also begin every meeting with a time of prayer and pray for a different member of our school staff each week.

Collective Worship with Parents

As well as being invited to class and whole school Masses, each class also leads a ‘Stay and Pray’ session and a Class Assembly once a year for parents to attend. The themes of these times are chosen by the children, who also lead this time of prayer. Please visit the Catholic Life, Collective Worship and R.E. section of your child's Year Group page to find out more about these.


During October and May, we invite parents into school to come and pray the Rosary.

Additional Collective Worship

In addition to Masses, we also come together as a whole school for bi-annual retreat days and during the key times in the Church’s year.



In September 2018 we really enjoyed coming together as a school to undertake Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, led by Archbishop Bernard.




During the months of October and May the Faith Ambassadors plan and lead a ‘Rosary Club’ for the other children.



In November we hold a special assembly on Remembrance Day and during the Mass that takes place in this week we process our ‘Christ the King Book of Holy Souls’.



When we are preparing for Christmas during Advent, the children from EYFS and Key Stage 1 each perform a Christmas Nativity whilst Year 3 and Year 6 lead the school in a Carol Concert.







During Lent, the Year 4 and 5 children enable us to reflect on Christ’s Passion through their Easter Production and we end our term on the Thursday of Holy Week with the Stations of the Cross.

Children from Y3 - 6 are also provided with the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during these key liturgical seasons as part of their year group Penitential Services.