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Holy Communion Celebration Mass led by Year 3 24.5.19

After receiving their first Holy Communion the Sunday before, Year 3 led the whole school, as well as family and friends, in a celebration mass. It was wonderful to the see the children take so much pride in all they did to contribute to the mass.


Alongside this celebration, it was also the feast day of St. Ignatius of Laconi who was born in 1701 into a poor farming family. During his early childhood, St. Ignatius demonstrated a capacity for hard work in the fields and a strong piety. He would often be seen in prayer and was known to wait at the church doors every morning in prayer until they were opened.


Because of his work with the less fortunate he was particularly well loved by the poor and by children, and was often given alms by those who barely had anything to give.  He refused them from the very poor, saying that it was better for them to keep it for themselves.  He tended to the sick and to street children everyday on his rounds through town, and many miracles of healing were said to have occurred through his intercession.


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