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History at Christ the King

At Christ the King we recognise the importance of an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum. Through a succession of weekly foundation lessons and termly foundation weeks, children will build their subject knowledge and their skills in History to secure an understanding of the past.

History lessons are planned and delivered around a unit enquiry question and subsequent key questions that will scaffold children to address the main enquiry, but in manageable, more approachable chunks. Children are encouraged to ask their own historical questions based on their interests and experiences.

We are encouraging our children to ‘know more, remember more’ by introducing a knowledge organiser at the start of each new unit. Here, the children will have key information and vocabulary about their area of study that can be referred to during lessons and to further their own education.

Timelines are displayed in all Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classrooms to help children develop their sense of chronology. These are built on during lessons with key events and historical figures studied throughout all subjects, to develop the understanding that History is all around us. The golden threads of Influence, Invasion and Legacy are also evident in History throughout school, making links and comparisons of units of study clear for the children.

The children in EYFS develop an understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring pre-skills that will support children’s learning when they move to Key Stage 1. For example, during their time in EYFS, children will be offered experiences to understand different aspects of the KS1 curriculum, for example, Battle of Hastings in year 1, children will look at castles, what they are and who would live there, through role play and stories. This will support their learning in Year 1 as development of vocabulary and experiences will have already begun.

In Key Stage 1, children will focus on both events within living memory, and those beyond, including the life of significant individuals. Incorporated in to this study, are elements of history in our local area which makes their study of the past more meaningful to them.

In Key Stage 2, children will continue to develop their sense of chronology of British History, and that of the wider world, through carefully selected units of study (see overview). Their study of history is celebrated in Year 6 with an enquiry to encapsulate and incorporate all of the skills and knowledge they have developed over their time at Christ the King.

National Curriculum for History