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Computing at Christ the King

Computing at Christ the King


Our children must be prepared for the rapidly changing world we live in. Some of the jobs that our children may be applying for in the future may not even exist yet, but we are certain that technology will play a pivotal role within these jobs. This is a challenge that we aim to prepare our children for with our computing curriculum. Our curriculum is designed so that our children can use computational thinking to solve and overcome challenges. Where possible, we aim to incorporate computing with other subjects throughout the curriculum, such as maths, English, science, history, geography and design and technology. Each strand of the computing curriculum is important for our children to grasp and become competent in. Computer science is integral for our children to understand and use programming effectively so that later on in school they are able to design, write and debug programs that achieve specific goals. Information technology is built upon this foundation; we aim for our children to build and develop a good understanding of computer networks, including the internet which plays such a prominent role in all of their lives. This will enable the children to use information technology effectively. Digital literacy is essential for our children to know how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. We strive to make our children aware of how their digital footprint could affect their prospects in the future when applying for jobs and that when we use technology we should be implementing our Gospel Virtues into our behaviour as we would outside of technological communication. Christ the King has a prominent role within the community of Kingstanding and aims to support families at home with their understanding of the importance of digital literacy.


National Curriculum for Computing