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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”




In The Groove by Joanna Mangona

6th January 1966 is the birthday of A.R. Rahman, a prominant Indian composer from Madras. One of his songs is featured later in the year in this calendar, but before that, check out some of his music online. Meantime, this is Charanga's own Joanna Mangona's arrangement of In The Groove in a Bhangra style.


Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley

8th Jan 1935 is Elvis' birthday, perhaps the most famous pioneer of Rock & Roll


Our Day Will Come by Ruby And The Romantics

This version sung by Amy Winehouse was only released after her death. It was said to be recorded prior to the release of her album Back to Black, and was an early indicator of the sound she was to use on that album. The album Back to Black hit 3 weeks as no 1 in the European charts on 13th Jan 2008.


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - 1st Movement by Mozart

27th Jan 1756 is Mozart's birthday. One of the most famous composers of all time, this is the first of four movements - see if you can find the others and celebrate Mozart's birthday in style!