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What is RSE?

Relationship and Sex Education is lifelong learning about physical, moral, social and emotional development.

It is the understanding of the importance of marriage and family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care.

We recognise that RSEn is a shared responsibility between home and school, as advised by the Bishops’ Conference:

‘It is the privilege and responsibility of the family to inform and educate their children in all matters, pertaining to human growth and development, particularly the sensitive area of sex education.’


At Christ the King, our ethos is to educate our children with Christ at the centre, and thus all that we teach is focused upon Catholic values and morals.

We recognise each of our pupils as unique individuals, created in the image and likeness of God and our curriculum reflects the Gospel values of our faith.


RSE promotes children’s self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. It helps them to form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships, based on respect for themselves and for others, at home, at school and in the community.

Teaching and learning in this subject is treated sensitively, bearing in mind the age and maturity of the pupils and the background and family setting from which they come, whilst still promoting the Catholic teaching of the Church.


Aims and Objectives:


Within a Catholic context, the purposes for teaching RSE at Christ the King are:

  • To bring about growth in self-respect and self-worth, with children recognising that we are God’s creation; created in His image and likeness.
  • To appreciate and understand the role of God our Father as a creator of the world and the founder of production and purposeful relationships.
  • To enable pupils to have an understanding that love, trust and faith is central to relationships.
  • To promote an appreciation of the nature, purposes and value of marriage and the family.
  • To enable pupils to have an understanding of themselves, their bodies and their emotional development.
  • To enable pupils to reflect and recognise the qualities that helps them to grow, develop and sustain positive and effective relationships.


Delivery of RSE:

RSE at the primary phase builds on the personal and social development work carried out to meet the Early Learning Goals at the Foundation Stage. It builds upon emotional and social skills which is central to later RSE work.

At KS1, the RSE provision helps to build skills of:

  • Developing confidence in talking
  • Listening to others
  • Thinking about feelings
  • Naming emotions
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Developing assertiveness and friendship skills


Upper KS2 (Years 5 and 6) will follow the ‘All That I Am’ programme of study in order to deliver the RSE curriculum, which relates back to work completed in Science on the topic ‘Life Cycles’. 


The Year 5 programme aims to:

  • Develop pupils’ understanding of their physical and emotional development.
  • Promote ways in which pupils can consider contemporary stereotypes of masculine and feminine behaviour and take responsibility for their actions.


The Year 6 programme aims to:

  • Recap on the Year 5 programme.
  • Develop a knowledge of female and male physical development.
  • Teach children to have self-awareness, confidence and skills, then to translate these into personal behaviour in a range of situations, such as making new friends.


In the Academic Year 2019-2020 we will also be following the 'Life to the Full' programme devised by Ten Ten to supplement our RSE curriculum.