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Year 3 trip to Liverpool - 18th April 2018

This term, Year 3 are learning all about the culture of Liverpool and on Wednesday they were fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city. Swiftly we arrived at the magnificent Anglican Cathedral which can be seen from a great distance. During our short tour, the children were able to experience some amazing architecture and were particularly fascinated by the ‘Whispering Arch’. After a short walk, we arrived at the Metropolitan Cathedral (also named Christ the King!) and we were greeted by a choir from the Czech Republic. The children were all amazed by the Cathedral's circular shape! Before our trip on the ferry, we found a lovely spot by the docks to eat our lunches and play some games with our friends. It wasn’t long before we were anxiously waiting for the ferry to depart. The children were able to see many of the famous buildings of Liverpool and for many it was their first time on a boat! All in all Year 3 had a fabulous day and all the children represented Christ the King school brilliantly.


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