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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


April 24

Extra action: Zoom Encounter with the Higaonon Indigenous Community (16.4.24)

Sienna and Wilson had the rare opportunity and privilege today to meet members of the Higaonon indigenous community, in the Philippines. The chief of the tribe took part in this encounter as we learnt about our partners in the Columban Fathers tree planting initiative.

The tribe answered many questions put to them by children from fellow catholic schools in Birmingham. They explained how climate change and the weather is effecting their lives as well as how their tribal system works.

The replanting by the Higaonon tribe will help provide for local pharmacies and supermarkets. All the trees are native so will not alter their local eco system, already they have seen a variety of wildlife returning to the replanted areas.

We look forward to more updates as we continue our partnership with this community.

Sienna and Wilson will talk to the school community about all the information they heard during the encounter.

Did you know?

The flag of the Philippines changes colour order depending on if the country is at war or living in peace? Red for courage goes to the top at times of war.


AtoZ of Prayer: M is for Malawi (18.4.24)


We recapped the last A to Z of prayer assembly with the whole school, previously shared before the holiday. 

Upcoming actions:

smiley Parish cake sales for Mary’s meals
smiley Book swap- audit usage, increased pupil involvement, advertisement and work on why it should be used

smiley Continue with A2Z of prayer