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Parent Survey


What parents say about our school:

"Just my opinion, but how can you improve on perfection!"

"Keep doing the good work and as parents we should continue to work with the school to improve the school in whatever way seems valuable."

"It is a great school and my daughter has been happy here since her first day."

"I love the school, keep up with her excellent work."

"The school is just what I wanted for my children and I don't think in my eyes it could be improved much more."

"My child is so happy at school and I am really pleased with the progress she has made.   Her teachers are doing a great job and my child often talks fondly about them - keep up the good work guys I wouldn’t change a thing."

"A I think the school is perfect my daughter absolutely loves it so thank you very much for making my daughter’s nursery experience the best I could wish for."

"Keep up the good work and thank you for your amazing support throughout this difficult year."

"We love the nursery teachers."

"My child is very happy after joining the new school."

"My child gets so excited to go to school and is always happy when he comes out."

"Teachers are always very supportive and informative whenever I ask anything."

"Parent workshops are great for us to get involved and gives us ideas on what to do at home."

"The school continues his journey in faith."

"I would recommend this school to other parents – outstanding."

"It is lovely to be able to take part in parent workshops with my child and the teachers in his school setting."

"My child enjoys singing songs and really enjoyed learning about Jesus in the nativity."

"The teacher and TA are excellent in dealing with any problems promptly."

"My child is making good progress at school.  We have seen huge progress in our son’s skills, ability and knowledge.  Above all his self confidence has improved dramatically."

"Well organised parents’ meetings, very constructive feedback.  We are so impressed with all the things the teachers do."

"I would definitely recommend this school to other parents."

"The school is managed very well and it is great to have both our children at CTK."

My child comes home telling us about what he learned about the Christian faith.

"The school is focussed on both education and behaviour."

"My child talks about his faith and likes to pray at home."

"There is great sense of family and community.  Gospel virtues are a great way of teaching the importance of being kind."

"My child looks forward to going to school every day."

"My child is making exceptional progress."

"I know I can always approach the teacher with any concerns. The teachers are friendly and caring."