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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


School Choir and Music

All pupils in Year 4 have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument , with the option to continue their instrumental lessons in Year 5 and Year 6.

Our school choir consists of children from Year 3 to Year 6. They practise each Friday after school, and can be heard singing in all school masses, as well as other Church services throughout the year. The Choir sing a range of songs outside school too, visiting local old peoples' homes and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Christmas, Easter and the summer provide further opportunities for children across the school to perform in productions.

Gifts of the Spirit Concert at St Lukes’s Church


Dan and Emily of OneLife Music lead the concert with members of our school choir supporting. The concert celebrated the festival of Pentecost. During the day, Dan and Emily were in school working with Year 6.


It was a wonderful concert and a real chance for our pupils to shine.