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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

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A high-quality Music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music. At Christ the King, we believe that through music, a child’s self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement is enriched.  We guarantee that all children will have opportunities to play a range of musical instruments and give performances to other classes and parents showcasing their talents as musicians.


We teach a curriculum which covers different elements of music ensuring important vocabulary is learnt and the children develop a solid understanding of how music has changed throughout history across the world. Cross-curricular links are formed through carefully selected English and foundation subject units.


Staff are supported by our Music lead and Music co-ordinator (who also delivers bespoke Music sessions) to ensure strong subject knowledge in order to inspire future musicians within school as well as allowing children to experience music through lessons, assemblies, educational visits, visiting musicians and school trips. Alongside trained music practitioners, children are given opportunities to develop more technical music skills through learning instruments such as the tin whistle and guitar.


The exploration of sound and song is a huge part of our EYFS curriculum. Children learn a repertoire of songs and movement rhythm, being to explore the sounds of instruments and make their own music, taking ownership and pride in their performances watching their ideas come to life.


Building on a strong foundation of early musical skills in EYFS, children continue to gain a deeper understanding of the dimensions of music in KS1 and KS2. Throughout the school, children have the opportunity to listen to a range of high-quality live and recorded music. Their listening and appraising skills are further developed through regular listening as they gain awareness of the world.


Children’s knowledge of the structure of music and the dimensions of music is built upon though the use of the Charanga music scheme, teamed with high-quality teaching. Children experiment with both tuned and un-tuned instruments creating and selecting a combination of sounds as they develop their skills in improvising and composing, as well as performing.


Through class performances of English compositions such as poetry, a child’s speaking and listening is developed through the use of their voice. Singing is prominent in school, and children sing regularly in class, as well as singing weekly in hymn practices in the hall. Through Christmas and Easter productions, school Masses, assemblies and other opportunities (including in the wider community), children are given the platform to develop as performers and appreciate the world around them as they experience a love of the universal language of music.

Progression Documents

Should you wish to see these documents please contact Miss Parkin who will happily discuss these with you.

National Curriculum for Music