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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice Word Cloud

 Pupil Voice

  • Annabel, Year 6: "I like that it is challenging. I enjoy the coding, games and races we have done this year. I really enjoyed the online safety game where you had to dodge the unsafe points and collect the safe statements."
  •  George, Year 5: "I enjoy the challenges and learning about new things. You get to play fun games at the same time as learning."
  • Hugo, Year 4: "We get to learn about how to keep safe online which is important especially with all the technology we use to play games on."
  • Blaize, Year 3: "We get to do loads of fun things, and if you are waiting for the next instruction there is lots to still play and change on the activities while you wait."
  • Evie, Year 2 child: "It is fun, we like going on the computers and getting to make our own characters and backgrounds using the different programs on Purple Mash."
  • Calvin, Year 1: "I like having my own log in, it is safe."