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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Design and Technology (DT)

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Design and Technology (DT) is all about children using creativity and imagination to design and make products that reflect on both historical designs that have stood the test of time and innovative, cutting edge designs that incorporate new ideas considering the needs of others. As children progress through the school, the DT curriculum allows them to build upon prior knowledge and skills, giving them opportunities to apply them to a new context.

At Christ the King, children will develop skills to use creatively in design processes relating to food technology, woodwork, sewing, moving mechanisms and electricity. Our school strengthens and enhances the natural links made between Design and Technology and Art and Design as well as Design and Technology and Science. These links are evident in our curriculum overview.


The pre-skills of Design and Technology begin within the Early Years where children begin to explore creating simple models using a variety of materials, and exploring different textures. They have opportunities to share ideas and work with each other to produce their creations. The Early Years not only gives them the opportunity to begin to explore and express themselves, it also enables children to learn the fundamental skills of how to use tools, such as scissors, cutters and many more to achieve their desired effects. Children discuss their finished products and begin to reflect on their work developing higher order thinking skills.


Over the course of the year, both KS1 and KS2 will focus on food preparation, hygiene, the creation of a healthy and balanced diet whilst exploring and making foods from around the world. Links between Geography and History are evident, as children will become submersed in other cultures as they explore food and its creation. Our curriculum is rooted in giving children the opportunity to design, create and evaluate their products, altering prototypes to fit a specific design criteria- if needed.


Children are given the chance to explore this subject’s natural link with Science and Computing in both Spring and Summer term as our curriculum offers them the opportunity to design, make and evaluate structures with moving mechanisms focusing on strengthen and stiffening a product. In Upper KS2 the final product a child will create will involve an element of electronics and coding: as a school, we recognise the importance of STEM opportunities for all. Working scientifically is also key here as testing a product ensuring it is fit for purpose is essential. Our intent is for each child to take ownership of their design and find success in working both individually and as a team.

In order to prepare them for their future, Design and Technology teaching will also support the children to develop key learning behaviours: resilience, risk taking, resourcefulness, relationships and reflection. Making mistakes is a important aspect of Design and Technology – it is integral to learning. We encourage children to think on their feet and use their problem solving skills to overcome flaws in designs that they have made. 

Whole School Overview

Progression Documents

Should you wish to see these documents please contact Miss Easthope who will happily discuss these with you.

National Curriculum for Design and Technology