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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Spanish

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Through Spanish lessons at Christ the King, children develop their curiosity about different cultures, their communication skills and their understanding of the wider world.

Spanish is taught from Year 3 to Year 6. A progressive and systematic curriculum has been developed by our foreign language expert. Children develop an interest in learning languages in a way that is fun and exciting, encouraging them to be respectful to people from different cultures and countries. The children learn by singing, dancing, playing games and taking part in role play activities and scenarios that encourage deeper thinking and application of their developing skills. The children really enjoy their Spanish lessons and these engaging lessons take place every other week and are taught by our Spanish teacher.

Their Spanish lessons focus on four main strands – reading, listening, speaking and writing. Through regular self-assessment in these areas, children are aware of their strengths and capabilities which further develops their confidence. The skills that they learn during Spanish lessons are further embedded during prayer time, with some children incorporating Spanish vocabulary into their day in the classroom, for example, greetings during the register.

National Curriculum for Languages