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Science at Christ the King

                                          Science at Christ the King


Our aim at Christ the King is to build a lifelong love of Science, develop a strong understanding of the world and nurture a sense of excitement and curiosity of natural phenomena.

Science in our school is about developing children’s ideas and ways of working whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to enable them to think scientifically. During science lessons, children gain an understanding of scientific processes and also understand the use and implications of science, today and for the future. 

At Christ the King, scientific enquiry is at the heart of our teaching with investigations and experiments embedded in each topic. Topics immerse children in scientific vocabulary and provide a broad and balanced curriculum. Topics are revisited and developed throughout their time at school, which allows children to build upon their prior knowledge and increases their enthusiasm. 

With an increased focus on scientific enquiry, children are encouraged to become independent learners whilst developing a range of skills such as observing, planning and carrying out investigations. As well as this, children are encouraged to use a variety of approaches to ask and answer relevant questions, provide rational explanations, predict how things will/ have behaved and analyse causes.