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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


June 24

A2Z of Prayer (5.06.24): Recap of A2Z countries covered so far

Which one can you remember the countries from the flags below?

Book swap (11.06.24)

CTK Stewards' improvements to the Book swap (12.6.24)


Thank you to two of our CTK stewards who have created designs for improved signage for the two Book Swap stations. They feel that it will help the two stations to stand out more so that families can access books and take them home. They report that lots of children are using the book swap stations at break times and lunchtimes. Thanks girls for your library skills! Watch out for the new signage coming soon; thanks to Mrs Franklin for helping with this also.

Book Swap religious books (12.6.24)


We regularly organise the books in the book swap, thanks to our CTK Stewards who quietly help to keep it tidy. We are trying to live sustainably by re-using and sharing the books we have rather than making more books and wasting God's precious resources.

Here are two of our Stewards adding in more books of religious significance. The word of God is so important for us to read too. These books focus on inspirational people of God and the stories from the Bible to help us to grow closer to God. We are trying to live like to Saints and become Saints.

A2Z of Prayer: Q is for Qatar (14.6.24)

Updating the A2Z prayer board (19.6.24)


Thanks again to the CTK Stewards who have the responsibility of updating of A2Z of prayer board. 

Live Simply Plan reviewed (20.6.24)


Please find attached a reviewed Live Simply plan. We have completed all the actions in the plan. As you will see from the annotations there are aspects that we wish to embed further.

There will be a Live Simply day on Thursday 4th July 2024 where we will focus on Living simply, sustainably and in solidarity all day. (More information on this to follow)

Whole School Spanish Day (20.6.24)


CTK celebrated Spanish Day, and it was a vibrant, educational, and delicious experience for everyone involved! The day was packed with activities that gave our pupils a deeper appreciation for the rich culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries. We are one family of God throughout the world.


Each class selected a Spanish-speaking country to research. Students delved into the history, geography, and customs of their chosen country. Adding to the excitement, our students participated in a lively dance session where they learned the traditional Spanish dance of salsa.


No celebration of Spanish Day would be complete without indulging in some delicious Spanish treats. Our day also included everyone enjoying freshly made churros, a sweet and crispy delight that was a big hit with students and staff alike. Spanish Day was a fantastic opportunity for our school community to come together and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. A huge thank you to all the teachers and students who made this day such a memorable success!

Book swap signage (25.6.24)


Two of our CTK Stewards were thrilled to see their design in real life so we can improve the signage and advertise the Book Swap stations. Remember parents and children can borrow books, every day, after school (collection time).


The CTK Stewards also mentioned that it would be good to have a designated space to read the books at breaktimes and lunchtimes. 

AtoZ of Prayer: Rwanda (26.6.24)

Live Simply display in the heart of the school (27.6.24)


The CTK Stewards created a Live Simply prayer focus entrance display today. Thank you CTK Stewards!

Children using the Book Swap station at playtime (27.6.24)


Here are some of our children independently accessing the Book Swap station at playtime. They are reading books about people of religious significance.

enlightened Extra action- Year 4 School Sustainability project


The children in Year 4 are working with Aston Villa to decide on a sustainability issue in our school that they are a good to action. With the Aston Villa coach, the children could explain aspects of sustainability (in water, waste, travel, energy and food) previously studied. The children had their first planning session, focusing on what can be further improved in our school and how we are going to action this. More ideas and work to follow.

Newsletter entry (28.6.24)

Live Simply staff prayers (28.6.24)


We gather for staff prayers every week. Today's staff meeting had a Live Simply focus.

enlightened Extra action- Live Simply: Reception’s trip to the farm (28.6.24) 


Look at some of the pictures of Reception’s trip to the farm- you can really see the wonder and awe at the beauty of God’s creation.