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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Class 5 Stay and Pray 11.10.18

As our Stay and Pray session took place in October, we decided that our theme would be The Holy Rosary. 

We explained to our parents and family members about why the Rosary is important and how to say the Rosary; and then reminded ourselves what happened when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary by reading from St. Luke's gospel. 

Did you know that the word Rosary means ‘Crown of Roses’? Our Lady said that each time someone says a Hail Mary, they are giving her a beautiful rose and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses.

We also used the Rosary beads that we had made to say a decade of the Rosary together, focusing on the Mysteries of Light from the life of Jesus.