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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

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Important Notice - How to access your child's MyMaths written feedback from Miss Madden and Mr Keenan

How to access MyMaths activity feedback from Miss Madden and Mr Keenan


In the coming weeks, we will be adding some written feedback to each activity that has been completed on MyMaths. Here are some instructions for how to find this feedback:


1. Log on to MyMaths.


2. Click on the 'Scores' tab. This is where completed activities are saved.


3. Click on an activity that your child has already completed.


4. A written feedback comment will be available towards the bottom of the summary page. See the screenshot below for an example of where to look for the feedback.





Please note that written feedback will not be available immediately. We will provide feedback on each completed activity as soon as we possibly can, but in the first instance you should always try to ensure that your child has attempted each activity a number of times to try and achieve a score of 100%.


Thank you for your support.


Miss Madden and Mr Keenan