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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

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Letter from Department of Public Health re Measles


20 March 2024


Dear Parents and Carers

Measles (MMR) Vaccine Reminder

There remains an increasing number of people with measles in Birmingham. Most of these are young children who have not had their MMR (measles) vaccine, although the numbers of adults getting measles is also increasing now too.

Measles is a highly infectious disease, which can be very serious. Two doses of the MMR vaccine is the best protection against measles. Over 80% of Birmingham children and adults have had the MMR vaccine. We need everyone protected.

The MMR vaccine is safe for every faith. There is a type of MMR vaccine that does not contain pork gelatine, so it can be used for people who do not touch any pork products. This vaccine is available at every GP practice, and it is free.

Please contact your GP to book an appointment for Measles (MMR) vaccine.

Children and adults can catch up on any missed vaccines. Children should have the first dose at 1 year old and the second dose at 3 years and 4 months old. Two doses of the MMR can provide life-long immunity.

Up to a third to half of those with measles have been very ill and had to be admitted to hospital - this disrupts learning or work, and some people will suffer long-term effects from getting measles. Please ensure you and your loved ones are vaccinated this, Easter.

Yours sincerely,

Humera Sultan

Consultant in Public Health, Public Health Division, Birmingham City Council

For more information visit:  Measles - NHS (