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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Our Learning - Spring 1

For our Spring term learning we are focusing on The Animal Kingdom, learning about different creatures from various environments. Do you have a favourite animal? How does it move? Where does it live? What does it eat? 


In Nursery we are also saying and reading different poems from our learning scheme The Poetry basket. The words to our next poem 'Breezy Weather' are below for you to practise at home.

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at Nursery! The children enjoyed celebrating love by wearing pink or red, decorating biscuits and colouring pictures or cards for the people they love. We had so much fun!

Our story of the week was Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. We showed a good understanding of the jungle animals in the book. Laila-Raine noticed "the bat is upside down!" and Gavin said "Monkey's eat bananas!" We focused on the character of the helpful butterfly and drew unique butterflies on kitchen roll, then painted them with water and watched the colours bleed and change. Zoja commented, "mine is rainbow" and Jedrzej impressed us with his independent drawing. Later in the week we had fun chopping bananas for the monkeys, practising our fine motor skills as we used plastic knives safely. 


We learnt a new poem called Breezy Weather and copied different actions as we learnt the rhyming words. Can you see us "huddling together" from the wind? Well done everyone!

What a colourful week at Nursery. We loved listening to the story of Elmer by David McKee. We explored Elmer's colours using paint and different tools such as thick or thin paintbrushes and cardboard tubes that made a circular pattern. Our artwork made a fabulous display in the Nursery! We sang "One elephant came out to play..." together. please click the link below to sing this at home.

One Elephant Went Out To Play

We read another colourful story together called The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We linked the colours to our feelings and practised showing a range of emotions using our faces and body language. We collaged colourful feeling jars. What colours can you see? What emotions do they make you think of?

This week we learnt about zoo animals whilst reading story 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell. We thought about differences between the animals using key vocabulary from the story such as "big" or "tall". We explored weighing toy animals using scales. Alessia thought "it is heavier because it's gone down."  We enjoyed learning about the celebration of a Baptism in the church and the importance of being welcomed into God's family with your name. We all role-played this experience and blessed a baby using water. 

During our first week back at school we have enjoyed listening to and reading 'Oh Dear' by Rod Campbell. Faith N  remembered words from the story saying "Oh dear! No eggs here!" Can you see us washing the dirty farm animals? The children knew the importance of keeping clean and Henry said "nice and clean and shiny now!" We have learnt about farm animals and the produce they give us. The children enjoyed exploring and matching the produce to the correct animals. Adrian said "the pig gives us ham" and Daniel knew "chicken's have eggs". We were fantastic investigators exploring real eggs outside and looking at the changes as they cracked!