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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

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Phonics Screening Check

Please download these Phonics Screening Checks from previous years and work through them with your child. 


They follow the same format each year. The children are required to read a set of nonsense words and then real words using the sounds that they have been learning in their RWI phonics lessons. The words get progressively more challenging as they work their way through the paper. 


We always encourage the children to spot the special friends, then fred-talk (in their head) and then read the word aloud. This method encourages even the most fluent readers to avoid little mistakes. 


Their Phonics Check will be happening during the week commencing 10/6/24 so please practise sounds daily over the half term week. The 'speedy minute challenge' will help to ensure children don't forget all of their sounds. Just set a timer for one minute and see how many sounds they can say by sight. If they make 2 piles (sounds they know, sounds they don't) then it will show them which ones to practise before they try again the next day.