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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Spring 1

Here are the books we will study this half term...

Egg investigation

As part of our work on the book 'Oh Dear!' we investigated the properties on an egg including how it feels, the parts of the egg and where it comes from. 

As part of our work on the book 'Dear Zoo' we used our imagination and the wooden blocks to create enclosures for our animals.

Maths - matching colours

As part of our maths work, we are beginning to look at patterns including matching colours. Look at the patterns in these photos. 

As part of our Geography topic on 'Animals', the children used their Expressive Arts and Design skills to create lion masks. They had lots of fun pretending to be lions too. 

As part of our work on Understanding the World, we looked at how people celebrate the Chinese New Year. We enjoyed tasting different foods including sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers. We dressed up in authentic Chinese clothes and used our painting skills to create our own Chinese lanterns. 

Maths - counting to 5

In our maths activities, we have been practising counting to 5 and beyond. We used sticks we found in the garden to practise our maths skills. We counted to five, pointing to each stick (one by one). We know that the last number we get to is how many we have in the group. Some of us can see a number of sticks and know how many there are without counting.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed an EYFS Valentine's themed day. The children enjoyed visiting Adventure Grove (role play based intervention to develop the children's Speaking and Listening), decorating biscuits, creating pieces of Art to give to their parents and telling each other about the people they love.