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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


The Flowers

smiley Welcome to the Flowers smiley


smiley Visual symbols and Now and Next

We love using visuals to support our communication and understanding. The documents attached may be useful at home. Follow the link below to find some symbols that you can use at home alongside the Now and Next board.

(Ask staff for help to show you how it can be used and if there are other symbols you would like. smiley)

 smiley Makaton and Total Communication approach


The children are introduced to a new Makaton sign each week, whilst practising and embedding previous weeks' signs. See SEND Zone, for more information on the programme.

smiley Outdoor Learning


We love being outside and we have lots of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

smiley Maths


We are working on recognising and ordering numbers within 10, both inside and outside the classroom. We love the songs on Ten Town and Numberblocks.

smiley Writing skills


We are working on developing of writing skills. Holly can write her name! Well done Holly.

smiley Using tools


To help develop our writing skills, we are working on using tools. The children used the rollers to clean the cars and play games that involve tools.

smiley Reading


We love looking at the books with teachers and on our own. 

blush Music with Miss Cooper


The children enjoy their music lessons with Miss Cooper. They are working on playing different instructions when instructed and turn taking. 

smiley Knife and fork skills


The children are working on their knife and fork skills. Look at how hard they are working!

smiley Cooking skills


We regularly enjoy cooking in the Flowers. Here are some of our pictures where the children used their knife skills to spread the sauce to make pizzas and attempted the taste some of the ingredients. They also mixed the mixture to make cornflake cakes.

smiley Fruit tasting


The children enjoy their fruit tasting sessions and the teachers model lots of language, alongside the use of visuals.

smiley Painting skills


We enjoy painting, creative and sensory activities in the Flowers. The children are working on holding their paint brushes correctly.

smiley Adventure Grove


We love the role play activities and sensory play activities provided by Adventure Grove. 

smiley Sound work


As well as writing sounds and matching sounds to real life objects, we use a kinaesthetic approach.

smiley Physical Development

smiley Fruit and vegetable tasting