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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Week Commencing 14.6.21

Wonder - our new core text


Cultural Capital-  Aboriginal Art short introduction to Australia


Look at PPT for the background- complete appreciation sheet about the art work.

This type of art work can be produced with paint and cotton  buds- why not create a piece inspired by your favourite animal and send a picture of it to Mrs Tierney loves to see art work created at home.

Please watch the Cafod assembly on Fratelli Tutti. Think back to the Cafod initiative, 'Eyes of the world.' Use the ideas we discussed in school last week relating to this plus what you have learnt from watching the assembly to complete these tasks:


1) Mind map your ideas of how to take care of each other and our the world we live in - our common home. Think small: what little things can you do as an individual and as a collective (Christ the King school) to be kinder to our neighbour and look after our planet? 


2) Organise your own charity event linking to one of your mind mapped ideas.


3) Create a poster to advertise and entice people to come to your event. Tie in your learning from the Fratelli assembly to help you. 

This week is National Refugee Week - task on word document