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Week Two Newsletter Year 5 (6th April 2020)

Week One: 30th March 2020

Dear All

Following the closure of school today 20th March 2020, just a reminder of what we have asked the pupils to do.

The purple book sent home can be used to record any work you do from the suggested websites.

Look at our website -Class Pages-  Year 5 - Activities at Home and work from the non online activity sheet which is stuck in your book. We will update this accordingly so please check this area regularly.

In the purple book you should also find log in details for Bug Club and My Maths.

Bug Club will help with your reading and reading comprehensions- look at the website for where to find ideas for story writing (Pobble 365).


In addition, we have sorted this for reading:

 Oxford Owl

Here you can access lots of books and spelling resources

User name: class10ctk

Password- CTK2020


Times tables Rockstars and My Maths will help with your maths. On Rockstars, you can set each other a battle in Rockslam.  Most importantly, we challenge you to try and get your time per question down to 2 secs!

We would ask you to go on these daily, your teachers will be checking these on a regular basis so we can set you new tasks when needed. Aim to do about three hours of educational work a day. This is not a holiday but an enforced closure therefore you must do some school work.

The other work will help keep you busy and most importantly keep you learning. We look forward to seeing all your knowledge.

Remember you can make up your own ideas for example if you read a book or watch a film you could write a review. Look up some of the illustrations of Dr Seuss and create a piece of work for Mrs Tierney’s Art Competition entries on our return to school. Keep an eye on the website for extra things we will add.

Keep washing your hands, look after yourselves and stay safe.

The Year 5 Team J

If you have problems with log ons, please contact

Let's Get Writing!

What will your inspiration be? Maybe a book you are reading or a period in history which intrigues you? Perhaps you've carried our some research on a country or a famous inventor/ scientist? You might want to just let your imagination run free and write an original story!


Choose from the genres below:

  • Narrative/ story writing
  • A blog/ email
  • Newspaper article/ reporting 
  • Monologue (writing from the perspective of a character/ person)
  • Diary entry
  • Information text
  • Explanation text
  • Poetry (explore the many forms- be creative!)
  • Write a description (character/ setting)
  • Recount 
  • Writing a story from the perspective of an inanimate object e.g Cinderella's Slipper, the Endurance boat from Shackleton's Journey.
  • A match report of a sporting event


 Use the 'Sentence Ideas' document to ensure you include a variety of sentence types. Remember, varying the order of the words in our sentences makes your writing more interesting for your reader!

Reading Wheel Challenge!

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