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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”


Brew Monday 2023

Please take some time to check in with family, friends or neighbours that you feel might be lonely and just need someone to talk to. The link below gives you some tips and ideas about how you can do this, so please take the time to have a look and you could make a big difference to someone else's life with just one small gesture.


Brew Monday 2023 | #BrewMonday |There's always time for a cuppa and a catch-up - Samaritans

Have a Brew Monday, any Monday, or a day that’s good for you. You can host your own Brew Monday event, virtually or in person, however you want. You could organise a tea party and raise money for Samaritans, host an online Brew Monday at work, or even do something as simple as picking up the phone and checking in with someone you care about.