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Christ The King Catholic Primary School

“God’s Kingdom we will build, for our lives to be fulfilled”



NASA Kids' Club


NASA Kids' Club provides a safe place for children to play as they learn about NASA and its missions.

Edinburgh Zoo Live Webcams


Before you watch the webcams, can you name the country that Edinburgh is the capital city of? If you can't, remember to head to our Year 2 Topic page to find out! 


Next, see what the animals are doing and keep a diary about their daily activities! You could even research these animals, or other animals of your choice, and create fact files about them.

Our next Science unit is called 'Healthy Me'!


This unit is all about learning how to be happy and healthy in our daily lives.


What can you find out about keeping our bodies and our minds happy and healthy? Create an information poster to show what you have learnt or write a set of instructions about how to stay happy and healthy.

Healthy Me resources and activities

Useful websites